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The privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network.
 Diaspora Facebook privacy open source distributed social network
Work marketplaces like MTurk are great for accomplishing small, well defined nuggets of work, such as labeling images and transcribing audio, but terrible for many more complex and labor intensive real world tasks. Over the last year, Robert Kraut, Niki Kittur and I formalized a general process of solving such complex problems using MTurk. We proposed three basic types of tasks and explored them in two neat experimental applications. To...


 crowdsourcing Mechanical Turk work distributed
The goal behind the project is to create a global darknet, a decentralized web of interconnected wireless mesh networks that operate independently of each other and the conventional internet. In a wireless mesh network, individual nodes can relay data for other nodes, ensuring that the routing of data remains robust as nodes on the network are added and removed. The idea behind TDP is that such a network would be resistant to censorship...


 darknet Internet freedom decentralized distributed network global
Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search sites have a new rival called YaCy. Backed by free software activists, YaCy aims to literally put search into the hands of users by distributing its indexing engine around the net. Anyone can download the YaCy software and help the search system improve and spread the load of queries. Its creators also hope YaCy will be much harder to censor than existing systems that pipe queries through centralised...


 search engine YaCy open source distributed decentralized peer to peer
Designed to compete with DropBox and other cloud-based file sharing services, Share allows a subscriber to share files with an unlimited number of personal contacts. Users can comment on files in real time while they are being shared, adding a social networking dimension to filesharing. Share has been built on Amazon’s EC2 and S3 services, according to GigaOm, which allows files to be cached in the cloud until the recipient has retrieved...


 BitTorrent torrent sharing distributed storage
Tiny robots that can join together to form functional tools and then split apart again after use might be ready for market in little more than a decade, according to researchers.


 robot artificial intelligence distributed intelligence