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Scientists have found preserved proteins in 3.8-million-year-old ostrich eggshells from Africa. The researchers say these biological building blocks - bound into the eggshell - could provide genetic information up to 50 times older than any DNA.
 dinosaur ostrich egg cloning genetics protein
Fossil hunters have uncovered the remains of a dinosaur that has much of its soft tissue still intact.


 genetics dinosaur mummy fossil genome reconstruction cloning
The extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago had little effect on the evolution of mammals.


 mammal dinosaur evolution extinction visualization
French fossil hunters have discovered huge dinosaur footprints, said to be among the biggest in the world.


 dinosaur France footprint
Inevitably, people will wonder whether the creature's DNA might also be found. But the life molecule degrades rapidly over thousand-year timescales, and the chances of a sample surviving from the Cretaceous are not considered seriously.


 dinosaur cloning DNA
The scientists in the film Jurassic Park reconstructed dinosaurs from DNA preserved in amber. That fiction is unlikely ever to become fact because DNA simply is not tough enough to survive in that way. But reconstructing a dinosaur from genes passed down the evolutionary tree to modern birds might be viable...


 dinosaur evolution DNA cloning reconstruction genetics
The fossilised skull of a colossal "sea monster" has been unearthed along the UK's Jurassic Coast. The ferocious predator, which is called a pliosaur, terrorised the oceans 150 million years ago. The skull is 2.4m long, and experts say it could belong to one of the largest pliosaurs ever found: measuring up 16m in length.


 dinosaur ocean
A bird-like dinosaur that prowled an ancient forest 125 million years ago used venom to subdue its prey.


 venome poison dinosaur bird toread
Scientists in China say they have discovered more than 3,000 dinosaur footprints, all facing the same way.


 China dinosaur footprint
A study of a 150 million year old dinosaur fossil has revealed it had multi-coloured feathers.


 dinosaur feather colour
Prehistoric seas were filled with giant plankton-eating fish which died out at the same time as the dinosaurs, new fossil evidence suggests.


 fish plankton dinosaur ocean giant
The European woodmouse has a unique taste for ferns, a food once eaten by long-extinct dinosaurs, say scientists.


 mouse dinosaur diet fern
An international panel of experts has strongly endorsed evidence that a space impact was behind the mass extinction event that killed off the dinosaurs.


 meteorite dinosaur extinction toread
An asteroid pile-up sent debris swirling around the Solar System, including a chunk that later smashed into Earth wiping out the great beasts.


 asteroid dinosaur extinction crater astronomy evolution
Charles Darwin may have been wrong when he argued that competition was the major driving force of evolution. He imagined a world in which organisms battled for supremacy and only the fittest survived. But new research identifies the availability of "living space", rather than competition, as being of key importance for evolution.


 evolution Charles Darwin competition environment dinosaur extinction space