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What's attractive about studying E8 is that it's as complicated as symmetry can get. Mathematics can almost always offer another example that's harder than the one you're looking at now, but for Lie groups, E8 is the hardest one. ... Each of the 205,263,363,600 entries on the matrix is far more complicated than a straightforward number; some are complex equations.


 philosophy mathematics physics geometry dimension complexity
If humanity can not figure out how to operate well, somewhat harmoniously with the rest of life on the planet, the next higher domain will sort things out by itself. I.e. humankind might go extinct and life will go on without us. Because the mechanics of how life works is of a higher order than how politicians might choose to manage foreign relations and environmental policy.


 dimension domain point of view generalization philosophy
A pioneering technique using subatomic particles known as neutrons could give microscopic hints of extra dimensions or even dark matter.


 gravity string theory neutron physics philosophy cosmology dimension dark matter