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The European woodmouse has a unique taste for ferns, a food once eaten by long-extinct dinosaurs, say scientists.


 mouse dinosaur diet fern
Scientists have begun a search to recruit 20,000 Labrador retrievers in one of the first studies of its kind. The team, from Edinburgh University, want to find out how diet and exercise can influence a dog's susceptibility to illness.


 dog pet animal diet life
Even with no sugar added, fruit juice has the same amount of sugar as soda. Why? Because fruit is full of sugar!
 sugar fruit juice drink nutrition diet Coca Cola health
New research suggests that buying organic food can make people feel better, even before they eat any of it.


 diet nutrition health food organic natural fad fashion trend popular belief psychology placebo
Scientists from Virginia found that slimmers can lose an average of 5lb extra if they drink two glasses of water three times a day before meals.


 water drink diet obesity food nutrition health
Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly can do more to make you good-looking than cosmetic surgery or make-up


 diet colour red attraction beauty yellow perception health face