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The jargon of aid: Anyone here speak NGOish? via @theeconomist


 NGO jargon slang Sudan language development aid
The true scale of the theft of overseas aid money by corrupt foreign regimes is disclosed in leaked documents obtained by The Daily Telegraph. Tens of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money has been pocketed by their ministers and officials, much of it used to buy luxury goods.


 WikiLeaks Africa development aid theft embezzlement
Afghan President Hamid Karzai has accused foreign reconstruction teams of undermining efforts to build up the state's institutions. He said the Provincial Reconstruction Teams were like a parallel system of government, and they would have to go.


 Hamid Karzai Afghanistan war profiteering development aid
A joint undercover investigation by BBC Newsnight and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has uncovered evidence that the Ethiopian government is using billions of dollars of development aid as a tool for political oppression.


 Ethiopia humanitarian aid development aid famine manipulation investigation journalism
Attempts to hamper the development of GM crops threaten the future of the poorest of the poor.


 genetical engineering GM crop poverty development aid