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World opinion is divided on the importance of having a free press, according to a poll conducted for the BBC World Service. Of those interviewed, 56% thought that freedom of the press was very important to ensure a free society. But 40% said it was more important to maintain social harmony and peace, even if it meant curbing the press's freedom to report news truthfully. Pollsters interviewed 11,344 people in 14 countries for the survey...


 democracy censorship press journalism freedom totalitarian regime
Sixty-five percent of citizens across the world do not think their country is governed by the will of the people, a poll commissioned by the BBC suggests. The Gallup International Voice of the People 2005 poll questioned more than 50,000 people in 68 states for the BBC World Service survey about power. Only in Scandinavia and South Africa do the majority believe that they are ruled according to their wishes.


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Since the cold day in February 1979 when the crowds stormed the police and army buildings and the Shah's last forces surrendered, Iran has been through a torrid time: war, terrorism, isolation, confrontation, sanctions. Most people in the West assumed that the Islamic revolution would collapse fast. Even a few months ago, the possibility existed that either Israel or America would soon bomb Iran. There was fresh talk of "regime...


 Iran democracy freedom revolution Islam
The year 1989 reshaped the world. Its news stories - from Tiananmen Square to the fall of the Berlin Wall - are now historical marker posts.


 democracy communism socialism freedom revolution Velvet Revolution Europe capitalism
The victory of Hamas in the Palestinian elections has set the rest of the world a dilemma. The Palestinians have chosen Hamas and therefore the democratic choice has to be accepted, especially as spreading democracy in the "Greater Middle East" is the goal of the Bush administration. But Hamas is listed as a terrorist organisation by both the US and the EU and unless the group accepts that Israel should exist, it is hard to see...


 USA terrorism Israel Palestine democracy Hamas election
Online tools can now help citizens curious about what their taxes are being spent on.


 democracy government direct democracy Internet tax
Web-based democracy activists have kicked off the first round of a project to see if MPs keep their promises.
 democracy Internet e-democracy toread
The former leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, has warned Nato that victory in Afghanistan is impossible. Mr Gorbachev said that the US had no alternative but to withdraw its forces if it wanted to avoid another Vietnam.


 NATO Mikhail Gorbachev USSR Russia Afghanistan invasion history democracy victory
The Burmese military authorities have released the pro-democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, from house arrest.


 Burma prison politics democracy opposition freedom Myanmar
An ongoing computer attack has knocked Burma off the internet, just days ahead of its first election in 20 years.
 Burma Internet politics democracy toread
Wikileaks are like peanuts - absolutely addictive, but in the end curiously unsatisfying. In truth, not much has emerged that had not already been leaked to the media in one form or another by US diplomats, to serve either US agendas or battles over policy in Washington. ... Some of the detail is, however, fascinating, even if it only extends what we knew already.


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