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US scientists have reported the detection of signals that could indicate the presence of dark matter.


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The giant halo of dark matter that surrounds our galaxy is shaped like a flattened beach ball, researchers say. It is the first definitive measure of the scope of the dark matter that makes up the majority of galaxies' masses. The shape of this "dark matter halo" was inferred from the path of debris left behind as the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy slowly orbits the Milky Way.


 Milky Way galaxy dark matter
Researchers have developed a simple technique that adds evidence to the theory that the Universe is flat. Moreover, the method - developed by revisiting a 30-year-old idea - confirms that "dark energy" makes up nearly three-quarters of the Universe. The research, published in Nature, uses existing data and relies on fewer assumptions than current approaches.


 dark matter universe philosophy geometry gravity cosmology
A high-flying balloon that soared over Antarctica has answered one of cosmology's greatest questions by revealing that the fabric of the Universe is "flat". To astronomers, flat means that the usual rules of geometry are observed - light not being bent by gravity travels in straight lines, not curves. But since Albert Einstein proposed that the Universe may be "curved", the debate has been open.


 dark matter universe philosophy geometry gravity cosmology
A controversial theory that challenges the existence of dark matter has been buoyed by studies of gas-rich galaxies.


 cosmology galaxy Milky Way rotation dark matter gravity astrophysics physics
A pioneering technique using subatomic particles known as neutrons could give microscopic hints of extra dimensions or even dark matter.


 gravity string theory neutron physics philosophy cosmology dimension dark matter
Unexplained "filaments" of radio-wave emission close to our galaxy's centre may hold proof of the existence of dark matter.


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