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Last week a computer program reportedly passed the Turing test by successfully convincing humans it communicated with that it was a real person at least 30% of the time.
 emotion computer artificial intelligence Turing test danger singularity
Men showed activity in areas which dealt with what action they should take to avoid or confront danger.
 toread gender danger
Panorama reporter Raphael Rowe meets a mother who cut off her internet connection at home because she was worried about the amount of time her 19-year-old son was spending playing computer games.


 addiction computer games gaming danger toy Internet
We are 100% certain that governments will start banning bitcoins in the next 12 to 18 months. Additionally, we’re certain bitcoins will soar in value and a crush of folks will flood the system and start using them.


 danger economy business Internet currency money freedom peer to peer viral
A five tonne, 20-year-old satellite has fallen out of orbit and is expected to crash somewhere on Earth on or around 24 September, according to Nasa.


 NASA orbit satellite crash space danger asteroid debris space junk
When a plant is under attack it releases a gas which warns neighbouring plants to protect themselves.


 plant communication gas danger attack language
The Sentinel infrared telescope would be put in space to find and track potentially hazardous rocks near Earth.


 asteroid danger astronomy telescope guard