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The New Zealand government has agreed to acknowledge Maori ownership of the haka war dance used by the national rugby team, the All Blacks. The agreement comes after protracted negotiations between the government and several Maori tribes seeking compensation for historic grievances. Millions of dollars are being paid in a comprehensive settlement. The move follows concerns the Ka Mate haka, known to rugby fans world-wide, was being...


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It is the ultimate "gentleman's agreement". Rather than compete for females, male long-tailed manakins co-operate with their friends. The tropical birds pair up to perform a courtship song and dance, but the alpha male gets the girl every time. Meanwhile his "wingman" spends five years playing second fiddle. But he eventually inherits the mating site.


 dance bird cooperation competition social Facebook evolution
Ballroom and Latin dancing classes can improve pupils' behaviour as well as their fitness.


 dance children
A benefits fraudster who claimed he was bed-ridden yet was filmed dancing at a wedding has been jailed.


 asylum UK disability Morocco Afghanistan cheating social benefits dance
Honey bees that dance to give directions to flowers make more errors when performing horizontally due to gravity, say researchers.


 bee gravity dance