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The New Zealand government has agreed to acknowledge Maori ownership of the haka war dance used by the national rugby team, the All Blacks. The agreement comes after protracted negotiations between the government and several Maori tribes seeking compensation for historic grievances. Millions of dollars are being paid in a comprehensive settlement. The move follows concerns the Ka Mate haka, known to rugby fans world-wide, was being...


 New Zealand ritual Maori dance rugby culture
In relationships, it is well known than men are mostly jealous about sex, while women are mostly concerned about emotional attachments. Psychologists have conflicting explanations for this, believing it comes either from evolution or from culture. The new cross-cultural research suggests the former is more important. It reveals that Brazilian men are the most jealous; Swedish men and women are more concerned about sex than any other nation...


 sex psychology culture love jealousy
04-07-2004, no, je to trosku prifarbene! altajci sa s rusmi hadaju uz niekolko rokov akademgorodok v rusku im ju nevrati a navyse tu mumiu (velmi poskodili, ked ju skumali, ked prisla do kontaktu so vzduchom altajci ju chcu pochovat a altajske muzeum zas vystavit, ale nikdy sa im nepodari postavit ten skleneny sarkofag, pretoze na to nemaju peniaze, to malinke muzeum je v zufalom stave, ale riaditelka ma predstavu, ze postavi sarkofag za...


 culture anthropology Siberia mummy
In a series of clever experiments guided by pointed questions, she is amassing evidence that, yes, language shapes thought. The effect is powerful enough, she says, that "the private mental lives of speakers of different languages may differ dramatically," not only when they are thinking in order to speak, "but in all manner of cognitive tasks," including basic sensory perception. "Even a small fluke of grammar...


 language culture psychology linguistics point of view perception
Joshua Bell is one of the world's greatest violinists. His instrument of choice is a multimillion-dollar Stradivarius. If he played it for spare change, incognito, outside a bustling Metro stop in Washington, would anyone notice? ... This one I loved and talked about it with many friends. It resonates with one of my older ideas - that what is cheered by people is not necessarily the admirable. So many things need also be considered, such...


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