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The Czech Republic has been strongly criticised by Europe's leading human rights body for continuing to surgically castrate male sex offenders.


 sex castration punishment Czech Republic crime
A reward of $250,000 has been offered by Microsoft to find who is behind the Downadup/Conficker virus. Since it started circulating in October 2008 the Conficker worm has managed to infect millions of computers worldwide. The software giant is offering the cash reward because it views the Conficker worm as a criminal attack. ... Although Downadup is widespread its creators have yet to activate its payload to steal data or launch other...


 crime computer virus reward
There's no turning back. It's time to learn a new lesson: We no longer recognize the State of Israel. We could not recognize the apartheid regime of South Africa, nor did we recognize the Afghani Taliban regime. Then there were many who did not recognize Saddam Hussein's Iraq or the Serbs' ethnic cleansing. We need to get used to the idea: The State of Israel, in its current form, is history. We don't believe in...


 war crime religion Israel Palestine occupation Jostein Gaarder racism
Adulterers, cohabiting unmarried couples and those who kiss in public could all become criminals if a new Indonesian penal code is approved.


 marriage crime Indonesia love adultery
How easy is it to swipe someone's watch from their wrist? As the White House denies George Bush had his timepiece lifted while on walkabout, we take some expert advice.


 psychology crime pickpocket
A website which planned to pay members of the public cash prizes for monitoring commercial CCTV footage online has had its launch delayed.


 big brother citizen Internet prize crime spying surveillance
Those who fell for the ploy were directed to a fake emissions registry website with the authority's logo. The scam allowed the cyber-criminals to capture security codes and passwords needed to gain access to company accounts, enabling them to steal carbon permits and resell them through trading accounts registered in Denmark and Britain. The head of the German Emissions Trading Authority, Hans-Juergen Nantke, said the crime was a...


 crime theft Internet phishing carbon business
Perception is not about capturing a full picture of reality, but taking snapshots of the world and making the rest up. ... Information captured by the retina takes about 100 milliseconds to reach the brain. To compensate for this lag, the brain predicts what the world will look like in the near future and acts on this prediction rather than the real information at its disposal. This is useful in real-world situations such as driving a car...


 magic perception attention reality humour illusion eye vision brain bug prediction psychology mind control trick false memory advertisement politics crime wizard
A website called PleaseRobMe claims to reveal the location of empty homes based on what people post online.


 privacy Twitter location surveillance crime social network
Picture the pope awaiting trial in British prison, and you begin to grasp the implications of the radical idea that has never been applied: equality before the law.


 Richard Dawkins George Monbiot Christopher Hitchens atheism paedophilia crime Pope UK immunity politics religion
British officials in Bangladesh have confirmed Wikileaks reports that the UK is training a police force in the country accused of being a death squad.


 police Bangladesh WikiLeaks UK killing violence torture crime human rights
For 20 years, crime in the US has been falling and new figures from the FBI show a sharp drop in the last two years, despite the recession. Why?


 crime USA statistics history social science police theory