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A US airliner on a domestic flight with 155 people aboard has ditched into the Hudson River in New York City but with no loss of life.


 USA water crash airplane river landing New York City
The ditching of an airliner into the Hudson river in New York, in which all 155 passengers and crew escaped alive, has been hailed as a textbook example of landing on water.


 USA water crash airplane river landing New York City
Forty-nine people have died after a passenger plane crashed into a house in Buffalo, New York state.


 crash airplane
Dozens of motorcyclists' lives could be saved every year if air bag jackets were made compulsory, accident and emergency doctors have said. The jackets are the equivalent of car air bags and inflate if the rider is thrown off during a crash. ... Although motorcyclists make up just 1% of road users, they account for 20% of fatalities.


 crash motorcycle airbag jacket safety
Both black boxes from the Cypriot airliner which crashed near Athens have been recovered as Greece investigates its worst air disaster. All 121 passengers and crew aboard Flight 522 died when it hit a hill after an apparent drop in cabin pressure knocked out both pilots. Tests on the bodies appear to confirm that most of the victims froze to death before the actual crash.


 crash airplane Cyprus Greece freeze pressure disaster
Nearly 150 people, including many children, are feared dead after a Russian airliner crashed in Siberia. The S7 Airlines Airbus was flying from Moscow when it crashed on landing at Irkutsk airport. The plane reportedly slid off the runway and hit a building.


 Russia crash airplane Siberia Irkutsk
A Turkish Airlines plane has crashed on landing at Amsterdam's Schiphol international airport, injuring at least 20 people. The plane, with 135 passengers on board, crashed short of the runway near the A9 motorway and suffered significant damage.
 airplane crash 2090225 Turkey Amsterdam
Flying may be the safest form of transport, but many of the three million people who take to the air each day are terrified of crashing. Now more than ever, though, it's possible to survive a plane crash. ... There is a factual error in this report, air travel is not necessarily the safest form of transport. It all depends how it is measured, in fact rail travel wins on safety in terms of accidents per journeys and accidents per hours...


 airplane aviation travel crash airbag survival
Scientists have been able to extract precious information from the smashed remains of the Genesis space capsule. The capsule, carrying captured particles blown off the Sun, crashed into the Utah desert in 2004, after its parachute failed. Less than half the samples are useable, but researchers have been working hard to recover what they can.


 crash probe solar Sun Genesis
Scientists have retrieved the damaged science canister from the Genesis mission and taken it to a clean room at the US Army base where it crashed. A team of specialists plucked pieces of dirt and mud that had lodged in the canister after it smashed at high speed into the Utah desert. The Nasa Genesis team says it will begin examining the contents of the capsule later on Thursday. Scientists are hopeful they can recover some of its solar...


 crash probe solar solar system Sun Genesis wind
A Nasa space capsule carrying captured particles blown off the Sun has crashed back to Earth in the Utah desert after its parachutes failed to open. The $264m Genesis mission spent more than two years gathering the solar material to help scientists understand the origin of the Sun and the planets. Hollywood stunt pilots had been waiting to catch the capsule in midair to give its cargo a special soft landing. The US space agency is now...


 crash probe Sun Genesis solar wind
Two rush-hour subway trains have collided in Washington DC, leaving at least six people dead and 76 injured.


 subway Washington DC crash
A Yemeni airliner with about 150 people on board has crashed in the Indian Ocean near the Comoros archipelago.


 Yemen airplane crash Comoros
A 12-year-old girl thought to be the only survivor of the Yemenia air crash has told how she was thrown into the ocean and watched her aircraft sink.


 airplane crash Yemen Comoros France
Robots that mimic the behaviour of fish have been developed by Japanese car firm Nissan, who believe the technique can be used in crash avoidance systems.


 car crash robot fish swarm artificial intelligence toread
At least 24 bodies of people killed in an Ethiopian Airlines plane crash off Beirut have been pulled from the sea. Addis Ababa-bound Flight ET409 burst into flames and crashed into the Mediterranean shortly after take-off from Beirut airport in stormy weather. Rescuers are continuing to search for bodies and wreckage, but officials say it is very unlikely that any of the 90 people on board will be found alive. A Lebanese minister said...


 Lebanon Ethiopia Mediterranean airplane crash
The people have been lulled into a false sense of safety under the ruse of a perceived “economic recovery.” Unfortunately, what the majority of people think does not make it so, especially when the people making the key decisions think and act to the contrary. The sovereign debt crises that have been unfolding in the past couple years and more recently in Greece, are canaries in the coal mine for the rest of Western “civilization.” The...


 economy crisis crash finance banking depression domino
President Lech Kaczynski and scores of other senior Polish figures have been killed in a plane crash in Russia. Polish and Russian officials said no-one survived after the plane apparently hit trees as it approached Smolensk airport in thick fog. Russian media reports said the pilots ignored advice from air traffic control to divert to another airport. Poland's army chief, central bank governor, MPs and leading historians were among...


 Poland airplane crash president Russia fog tree
An Afghan passenger plane with 43 people on board has crashed between Kunduz and Kabul, officials say. The Pamir Airways plane is thought to have gone down near the Salang Pass, a mountainous area about 60 miles (100 km) north of the capital, Kabul.


 Afghanistan airplane crash
Nearly 160 people are feared dead after an airliner crashed while landing near the southern Indian city of Mangalore.


 India crash airplane