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Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has declared a state of emergency in Bangkok amid reports of a coup attempt.


 military Thailand coup
Anti-government protesters have overrun the presidential palace, the White House, in Kyrgyzstan's capital Bishkek. Hundreds flooded into the compound as police opposition melted away, waving a flag from a second floor window and scattering documents, reporters said. Earlier opposition protesters - who are demanding that President Askar Akayev step down - fought running battles with pro-government forces. Protesters also took over...


 Kyrgyzstan coup government revolution
The Colombo campaign office of defeated Sri Lankan presidential candidate Gen Sarath Fonseka has been raided by 40 policemen, his supporters say.


 election Sri Lanka coup
A bid to restore democratic normality or an internal tussle over power and resources? That is the question yet to be answered as Niger's new military regime confirms its hold over the key institutions of this desperately poor but mineral-rich Sahelian state, one of the world's key producers of uranium. The clutch of officers who seized power have named themselves the Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy (CSRD).


 Niger coup military
Bolivian prosecutors have charged 39 people over an alleged plot to assassinate President Evo Morales and launch an armed rebellion last year.


 Evo Morales Bolivia president assassination plot mercenary coup rebellion
Unlike in Egypt or Tunisia, it is not the conventional military that holds the balance of power in Libya. Instead, it is a murky network of paramilitary brigades, "revolutionary committees" of trusted followers, tribal leaders and imported foreign mercenaries.


 military army Libya revolution coup
It is 20 years since the attempted coup against Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. It failed, but new BBC interviews underline how fragile his hold on power had become - and how quickly and informally the eventual decision to disband the USSR was taken.


 coup Mikhail Gorbachev Boris Yeltsin USSR Russia revolution