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Humankind's most distant emissaries are flying through a turbulent sea of magnetism as they seek to break free of our Solar System. Nasa's Voyager probes, which were launched in 1977, are now approaching the very edge of our Sun's influence, more than 14 billion km from Earth; and they are still returning data. That information has allowed scientists to build a better picture of what conditions are like in the zone where...


 Voyager probe interstellar travel heliopause magnet cosmic ray
The mystery surrounding the source of the highest-energy particles known in the Universe has grown deeper. The particles, known as cosmic rays, can show up with energies a million times higher than the biggest particle accelerators on Earth can produce. Astrophysicists believed that only two sources could make them: supermassive black holes in active galaxies, or so-called gamma ray bursts. A study in Nature has now all but ruled out gamma...


 gamma ray black hole particle energy universe galaxy cosmic ray neutrino