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Beijing enjoyed its third day of artificially induced snow on Thursday after its longest drought in 38 years.


 water control China cloud artificial drought snow induced weather iodide
The US government has relaxed its control over how the internet is run. (The internet began as a research project by the US military, known as Arpanet. On 1 October 1969, the second computer was connected to the network, said Mr Beckstrom. Ever since, the US has paid close attention to the workings and growth of the net.)


 Internet ICANN USA control
Researchers have used electrodes to make people move in slow motion.
 brain control toread
Predicting how large crowds will react in certain situations has long been the holy-grail for architects and planners.


 crowd control complexity prediction statistics big brother sociology
Once enlightened, so to speak, the freed prisoner would not want to return to the cave to free "his fellow bondsmen". Plato argues that he must be persuaded or compelled to do so. Another problem lies in the other prisoners not wanting to be freed: descending back into the cave would require that the freed prisoner's eyes adjust again, and for a time, he would be one of the ones identifying shapes on the wall. His poor...
 social control philosophy cave reality habit
The system allows users to play games controlled by body movements and speech rather than a handheld device.


 Microsoft Natal game control body gesture
A tiny group of bees act like "pied pipers" to trigger the onset of bee swarms report scientists. By buzzing a "piping" signal the bees are able to initiate an explosive departure from the hive. Bees are known to use signals to tell the colony when to swarm but which bees had the power to make this decision was unclear. Now scientists have identified a small oligarchy of individual bees that hold the key to swarm...


 signal bee swarm control animal collective intelligence toread
The ads claim "Washington wants to spend billions to take over the internet" and urges the public to help stop the "Washington takeover".


 USA Internet control net neutrality
A wireless headset that can interpret brain waves to control video games and other onscreen action.


 brain control computer neuroscience interface
Under a World War II-era law, the US president appears to have authority to disconnect computer systems and servers from the internet in the event of a national emergency.


 Internet switch politics ICANN USA control DNS communication global network security
An analysis of the relationships between 43,000 transnational corporations has identified a relatively small group of companies, mainly banks, with disproportionate power over the global economy.


 visualization international company multinational relationship control capitalism
Parents will be able to control their child's mobile phone thanks to a SIM card remotely managed from a computer.


 SIM mobile phone child protection bullying control