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You might think that professional research scientists are at the forefront of what the newest tools of the internet can provide in terms of collaboration and the discovery of knowledge.


 science innovation conservative Internet bibliography publishing
A study is being used to support the theory many educated, middle-aged left-wingers are in fact conservatives who can't admit it. Is this true? It is the cynic's perennial view of youthful idealism: that each student radical will turn sharply to the right once the pay cheques start coming in and the mortgage needs to be paid.


 idealism activism radical conservative student ageing politics
A court in Bolivia has sentenced seven members of a reclusive conservative Christian group to 25 years in prison for raping more than 100 women. The men, members of a Mennonite group, secretly sedated their victims before the sex attacks.


 Bolivia Mennonite community conservative rape sedative Christianity religion sect