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It is the ultimate "gentleman's agreement". Rather than compete for females, male long-tailed manakins co-operate with their friends. The tropical birds pair up to perform a courtship song and dance, but the alpha male gets the girl every time. Meanwhile his "wingman" spends five years playing second fiddle. But he eventually inherits the mating site.


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Computer chipmaker Intel has been fined a record 1.06bn euros by the European Commission for anti-competitive practices. It dwarfs the 497m euro fine levied on Microsoft in 2004 for abusing its dominant market position.


 Intel European Commission marketing competition
But Glonass is also vital for national security, he added, so that America does not deliberately alter or blur Russia's GPS signal - for instance, during a military conflict. One of the times such allegations surfaced was during the Russia-Georgia war in August 2008.


 Russia GPS navigation military competition
But when a technical glitch meant no winning entrant could be selected, a member of the production team asked a girl visiting the studio with her parent to pose as a winning caller. She was given the correct answer and put on air.


 BBC quizz competition radio deception
A study has shown how two species from different taxonomic kingdoms - animal and plant - compete for the same food. When food was scarce, the team found that the spiders built larger webs to improve their chances of catching prey, but at the expense of the plants.


 plant animal spider food competition
The annual World Sauna Championships in Finland have ended in tragedy with the death of one of the finalists. Russian Vladimir Ladyzhensky and his Finnish rival, Timo Kaukonen, collapsed after suffering severe burns. Mr Ladyzhensky later died in hospital. The event requires participants to withstand 110C for as long as possible.


 sauna heat incredible competition Finland death
Charles Darwin may have been wrong when he argued that competition was the major driving force of evolution. He imagined a world in which organisms battled for supremacy and only the fittest survived. But new research identifies the availability of "living space", rather than competition, as being of key importance for evolution.


 evolution Charles Darwin competition environment dinosaur extinction space
Facebook is expected to launch a new messaging system seen as a challenge to Google's Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.


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