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Using a special keyboard on a computer beside his wheelchair, and with the constant help of speech and physical therapists, Houben can communicate sophisticatedly. "I was only my consciousness and nothing else," he told his doctors. "I'll never forget the day they discovered me. It was my second birth."...


 coma computer communication Belgium
Minutes after the earthquake, as phone lines collapsed, Haitians tried to discover the fate of relatives and friends by using the web and social networks.
 disaster communication social network Haiti earthquake toread
People are able to recognise negative sounds, like expressions of disgust, across cultures, say scientists.


 emotion language culture anthropology communication
A tiny rodent may have the most sophisticated language of any animal. ... With a single bark, he says, a prairie dog may warn about the type and direction of an encroaching predator, and even describe its colour. If confirmed, that means the chattering rodents communicate in a more complex way than even monkeys or dolphins.


 bark animal intelligence communication language signal
A Belgian man who stunned the world last year by apparently communicating after 23 years in a coma cannot in fact do so, researchers say.


 Belgium coma communication
A Belgian man who doctors thought was in a coma for 23 years was conscious all along, it has been revealed.


 Belgium coma communication consciousness
Indeed, Canton predicted a future in which the Internet is embedded just about everywhere: in every imaginable kind of object--from TVs to phones to walls--and that every product and device--even people--will have an IP address. He added that while such a vision may seem distant, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has already approved a chip that could be embedded in people's bodies. In Miami, he noted, the latest fad is women...


 singularity Internet address RFID tracking communication
Researchers are now lifting the veil on the elephants' secretive lives, and they are doing so by listening to the rumbles in the jungle...


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The giggling sounds of a hyena contain important information about the animal's status, say scientists. In the first study to decipher the hyena's so-called "laugh", they have shown that the pitch of the giggle reveals a hyena's age. What is more, variations in the frequency of notes used when a hyena makes a noise convey information about the animal's social rank...


 animal communication speech hyena giggle laughter
This means the caterpillar is able to "tell" an intruder to go away without risking injury in a conflict...


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