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A plan by IBM to launch an industry-wide 'open' cloud computing strategy has seemingly backfired amid accusations of closed deals.


 cloud computing
Widespread adoption of cloud computing could give the top five EU economies a 763bn-euro boost over five years, a report has said.


 cloud computing Europe business efficiency
iCloud is likely to offer services rivaling that of Google and Amazon.


 Apple cloud computing hosting
Google has been forced to scale back its plans for a cloud-based music service. The company blamed lack of co-operation from the major record labels.


 Google music sharing Google Android cloud computing
Hewlett-Packard, the world's largest maker of personal computers, has unveiled a design for more energy-efficient data centres.


 Hewlett-Packard cloud computing sustainability energy
Online storage service Dropbox has given details of a security breach that led to many of its members receiving unsolicited emails.


 Dropbox cloud computing SPAM privacy hacking
Google is opening up its global datacentres to anyone that needs access to vast amounts of computer horsepower.


 Google server cloud computing