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University of Utah mathematicians developed a new cloaking method, and it's unlikely to lead to invisibility cloaks like those used by Harry Potter or Romulan spaceships in "Star Trek." Instead, the new method someday might shield submarines from sonar, planes from radar, buildings from earthquakes, and oil rigs and coastal structures from tsunamis.


 cloaking Invisibility wave earthquake field
A security firm has discovered many organisations using the domain are unknowingly pushing customers to websites offering the fake pills.


 hacking cloaking
Researchers have "cloaked" a three-dimensional object, making it invisible from all angles, for the first time.


 cloaking 3D invisibility microwave
Researchers have trapped a rainbow - slowing light to a near-stop - in an array of 25,000 "invisibility cloaks", each smaller than a hair's breadth.


 cloaking slow light light speed