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Experts have a stark warning: that unless we change course, the "perfect storm" of population growth, dwindling resources and climate change has the potential to converge in the next century with catastrophic results.


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Harsh winters and dry summers may have contributed to decline of the Chinese Tang dynasty and the South American Maya.


 history civilization climate change
Civilisations is an entirely new way to explore human history - a multi-dimensional picture of the world, where you're in charge of the timeline.
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The notion of limiting historical study to a roughly 5000-year span, out of a possible few million years of human existence, and of only those few world cultures that left written records, is hardly tenable. It remains a possibility that somewhere between the origins of intelligent humanoids and first preserved artifact, or indeed in the vast periods on the geologic time scale, long before what we call ancient history, there existed...
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Members of the earth's earliest known civilization, the Sumerians, looked on in shock and confusion some 6,000 years ago as God, the Lord Almighty, created Heaven and Earth.


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On the occasion of your New Year, I want you, the people and leaders of Iran, to understand the future that we seek. It's a future with renewed exchanges among our people, and greater opportunities for partnership and commerce. It's a future where the old divisions are overcome, where you and all of your neighbors and the wider world can live in greater security and greater peace.


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Relatively mild drought conditions may have been enough to cause the collapse of the Classic Maya civilisation, which flourished until about AD950 in what is now southern Mexico and Guatemala.


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