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CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation is an international alliance of members and partners which constitute an influential network of organisations at the local, national, regional and international levels, and span the spectrum of civil society including: civil society networks and organisations; trade unions; faith-based networks; professional associations; NGO capacity development organisations; philanthropic foundations and...
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GuideStar International (GSI), a UK-registered charity, is building a global network of websites with detailed reports on countries’ civil society organisations (CSOs) to make them more visible to those who wish to support their work.
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Values are an important theme in discussions in international NGOs, helping to create the conditions for solidarity among staff. But at the same time they are also frequently a source of demoralisation and destructive conflict. This is because the prevailing perceptions of values as instruments of management or as elements in some inchoate mystical whole render the power relationship between staff and managers undiscussable. Values need...


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The United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN-NGLS) is an inter-agency programme of the United Nations mandated to promote and develop constructive relations between the United Nations and civil society organizations.
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Union of International Associations (UIA) is the world’s oldest, biggest and most comprehensive source of information on global civil society. Databases and publications cover many aspects of international organizations – their history, organization and meetings, and the problems and methods with which they work. The main entry point for all databases is: The UIA was founded one hundred years ago, in 1907, by Henri La...
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The emerging global alliance and cooperation between civil, social, and political actors – collectively referred to as ‘global civil society’ – is first and foremost a crucial vehicle for transnational civil solidarity, which translates into the consolidation of the hold of civil societies transnationally. In a very limited sense, it is true that this coming on to the world stage of non-state actors contributes to the democratisation of...


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Egyptian soldiers and police have raided the offices of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Cairo.


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