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Scientists have found the beginnings of life-bearing chemistry at the centre of the galaxy. Iso-propyl cyanide has been detected in a star-forming cloud 27,000 light-years from Earth.
 interstellar space life chemistry
The ubiquitous periodic table will soon have a new addition - the "super-heavy" element 112.


 chemistry physics periodic table elements
Taking a pill to treat depression is widely believed to work by reversing a chemical imbalance. ... Magazines, newspapers, patients' organisations and internet sites have all publicised the idea that conditions like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder can be treated by drugs that help to rectify an underlying brain problem. People with schizophrenia and other conditions are frequently told that they need to take...


 pharmaceutical industry drug medication psychology brain chemistry neuroscience psychiatry
Scientists have shown for the first time that "lifeless" prion proteins, devoid of all genetic material, can evolve just like higher forms of life.


 life prion protein evolution mutation genetics chemistry brain
Billions of tons of carbon dioxide could be captured by rocks and a natural chemical reaction that humans can speed up.


 greenhouse gas rock chemistry climate change carbon dioxide
Solar thermal energy has the potential to supply a significant fraction of the world’s energy needs if we learn to harness it effectively and to store its energy for use when we have times of high demand. An Australian company has been working on a technology that may be able to do just that. Solar Fusion Power has designed a complete system which can absorb the sunlight during the day and produce continuous, cost competitive, electricity...


 solar energy electricity chemistry thermal
The International Journal of Unconventional Computing offers the opportunity for rapid publication of theoretical and experimental results in non-classical computing.
 computer physics mathematics chemistry quantum biology optical neuron complexity
Cockroaches "recommend" good food sources to each other by communicating in chemicals, according to scientists. The much-maligned insects appear to make a collective decision about the best food source.


 pheromone chemistry cockroach communication animal insect food collective intelligence
The Red Planet harbours rocks rich in carbonate minerals, suggesting there was more water there in the past than previously thought, say scientists.


 Mars chemistry geology extraterrestrial life water
While it's one of the most important and abundant chemical compounds on Earth, water is still a puzzle to scientists. Much research has been done to uncover the structure of water beyond the H2O scale, which is thought to be responsible for many of water’s unique properties. However, the nature of this structure, governed by hydrogen bonds, is currently unknown.


 bridge water electricity structure chemistry physics