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Two otherwise respected physicists are now claiming that the much hypothesized Higgs Boson particle might have a “backward causation” effect to stop itself being discovered. In other words, the particle does not wish to be created, or its creation would have such cataclysmic results that the actual universe itself does not wish for it to be created.


 LHC time causality Higgs boson
Physicists have confirmed the ultimate speed limit for the packets of light called photons - making time travel even less likely than thought.


 time travel time physics photon light causality
There's danger as well as genius in the ease with which people construct graceful narrative arcs from any two things that grab their attention, like tennis on telly and the business bottom line. ... Which is why I prefer stats to politics. Doing good stats means exercising a pathological interest in the story that might have been missed. Doing politics can seem to mean a near pathological interest in telling us why your story was...


 statistics narrative manipulation explanation superficial politics causality