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A car that runs on just hydrogen and solar power has completed a journey through Australia - the first crossing of a continent for a car of this type.


 energy solar hydrogen car
Vehicles may soon be swapping information about road conditions to warn drivers about jams and dangers.


 information communication safety car road traffic jam
The way we get about has a profound impact on the way we live - affecting where we set up home, work and holiday.


 future travel train transport car aviation flying jet pack taxi
Pontiac has become the highest-profile victim of the crisis in the American car industry.


 car brand USA
A UK-wide trial of low carbon and electric cars has been launched.


 car electricity
On a recent run from Boston to Cape Cod, I test drove the 2008 Honda Accord, the latest version of this family favorite. The new Accord boasts an environmental first: a six-cylinder gasoline engine that's cleaner than many hybrid systems. There's only one catch: You can't actually buy this ultra-green Accord, or the four-cylinder version that also produces near-zero pollution. That is, unless you live in California, New York...
 environment car government USA oil clean politics
A German woman in Dusseldorf blocked the entrance to an underground station when she mistook it for a subterranean car park, police said on Wednesday.


 metro Germany car incredible
Robots that mimic the behaviour of fish have been developed by Japanese car firm Nissan, who believe the technique can be used in crash avoidance systems.


 car crash robot fish swarm artificial intelligence toread
an Australian adventurer who set many long distance cycling and driving records including becoming the first man to drive a car from England to Australia in 1927.


 adventure car
Green cars powered by alternative fuel sources have become more visible on the roads in recent years. One cause could be the introduction of legislation and higher taxes to penalise drivers of gas-guzzling vehicles by governments around the world. But another factor is an increase in the range of eco-friendly cars on offer. These include hybrids with a combination of petrol engines and electric motors, fully battery-powered electric...


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