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One person has been killed and a number of people wounded in a mutiny at the border guards headquarters in Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka.


 Bangladesh Dhaka mutiny border
The tense, mountainous Georgia-Russia border is monitored by the Organisation for Security and Co-operation (OSCE), whose job it is to observe and record every movement through the mountain passes.


 Caucasus Georgia Russia border
Russia is sending a mini-submarine to explore the ocean floor below the North Pole and find evidence to support its claims to Arctic territory.


 border nation state Russia North Pole Arctic Ocean oil flag time capsule
The Iron Curtain that divided Europe for 46 years left an indelible imprint on the continent's wildlife. The isolation of Eastern Europe meant that far fewer alien bird species colonised it, scientists have found.


 bird migration Iron Curtain border
A US woman detained for more than a year in Iran on spying charges has left the country after being freed on bail.


 Iran tourism border spying prison bailout
The US government is erecting a fence in the ocean to divide California from Tijuana, Mexico. Immigration and environmental activists say it is a costly, dangerous endeavour that will do little to keep out unauthorised migrants.


 USA Mexico border fence ocean beach pathetic
In 2006, Thomas Friedman's book The World is Flat portrayed a global population that was more borderless and interconnected than ever before.


 border country communication Internet flat global