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Scientists have produced a very unusual light show, engineering bacterial cells to fluoresce in synchrony. The researchers turned the cells into synchronised "genetic clocks" - programming them to switch a fluorescent protein on and off...


 oscillation cell biology genetics
The International Journal of Unconventional Computing offers the opportunity for rapid publication of theoretical and experimental results in non-classical computing.
 computer physics mathematics chemistry quantum biology optical neuron complexity
A micro-ear could soon help scientists eavesdrop on tiny events just like microscopes make them visible.


 hearing ear biology sound eavesdropping microorganism cell
We are losing our political leaders and will continue to lose them until we come to terms with our basic biology. Leaders today are no more susceptible to violations of marital vows than were leaders of the past. But in this era of tabloids and texting, sexual scandals have become epidemic.


 biology sex drive testosterone risk politics hormone instinct human
The first monogamous amphibian has been discovered living in the rainforest of South America.


 monogamy frog Peru biology animal
Red Sea coral reefs get their complex shape from an ancient 'seabed template', say scientists...


 Red Sea coral geology biology
In fact, there are more genes in the flora in the intestinal system than the rest of our bodies. So many that they are being dubbed our "second genome"...


 genome microorganism human body biology genetics nutrition digestion intestine
However, recent advances in our understanding of evolution are revealing a bigger picture that can, by itself, give meaning to life. This new worldview locates humanity within a much larger evolutionary process that appears to offer us a meaningful role to play. This new understanding of evolution is founded on the recognition that evolution is headed somewhere – it has a trajectory. In particular, evolution on Earth has repeatedly...


 meaning life philosophy human evolution universe intelligence science prehistoric civilization biology collaboration
Scientists have found the first animals that can survive and reproduce entirely without oxygen, deep on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea. ... Considering the implications of creatures which can exist without oxygen, she said that greater study of animal-microbe interactions in the extreme environment of Earth's oceans could help answer questions about the possibility of life existing on other planets with different atmospheres...


 extraterrestrial life animal oxigen biology Mediterranean sea life anoxic
In biology, a ring species is a connected series of neighboring populations that can interbreed with relatively closely related populations, but for which there exist at least two "end" populations in the series that are too distantly related to interbreed. Often such non-breeding-though-genetically-connected populations co-exist in the same region thus creating a "ring". Ring species provide important evidence of...
 evolution biology species interbreeding ring compatibility
Men take a fraction of a second to decide if they are attracted to a woman or not – but they should not be called shallow because they are genetically programmed to do so, scientists say. ... According to research, a woman with an attractive face is taken by men to be fertile and able to continue the family line, appealing to the man's survival instinct...


 psychology attraction biology men women dating social mating
The idea that life boils down to chemistry is being usurped by a much more ambitious idea, says two of the world's leading biophysicists...


 physics chemistry life biology philosophy evolution symmetry genetics
Oxygen levels on Earth reached a critical threshold to enable the evolution of complex life much earlier than thought, say scientists.


 oxygen evolution geology biology bacteria life prehistoric civilization