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Your heart beats a little faster, glands open to secret tiny dribbles of sweat, and your body starts producing hormones, which make you feel a bit giddy and warm inside.
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At least 235 marine species are living in both polar regions, despite being 12,000km apart, a census has found.


 animal ocean ice diversity biology pole
Formic acid, a molecule implicated in the origins of life, has been found at record levels on a meteorite that fell into a Canadian lake in 2000.


 meteorite evolution astronomy life space biology organic panspermia
Room-temperature entanglement seems to be a by-product of the process of harvesting light.


 entanglement quantum physics photosynthesis biology
Biologists have created a living computer from E. coli bacteria that can solve complex mathematical problems. Computers are evolving – literally. While the tech world argues netbooks vs notebooks, synthetic biologists are leaving traditional computers behind altogether. A team of US scientists have engineered bacteria that could solve complex mathematical problems faster than anything made from silicon.


 biology DNA bacteria computer programming genetics
Chimpanzees have an extraordinary photographic memory that is far superior to ours.


 chimpanzee animal biology brain evolution game intelligence
The Kansas Evolution Hearings were a series of hearings held in Topeka, Kansas, United States May 5 to May 12, 2005 by the Kansas State Board of Education and its State Board Science Hearing Committee to change how evolution and the origin of life would be taught in the state's public high school science classes. The hearings were arranged by the conservative Christian Board of Education with the intent of introducing intelligent...
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We like to distinguish synthetic life from artificial life. With synthetic life, we're re-designing the cell chromosomes; we're not creating a whole new artificial life system.


 artificial life biology evolution genetics
The [supertree] is a new way of showing all the mammal species on the planet, starting with a common ancestor.
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The growth of British trees appears to follow a cosmic pattern, with trees growing faster when high levels of cosmic radiation arrive from space.


 radiation tree growth biology astronomy astrology
The purpose of this website is to explore the relevance of the biological sciences in understanding the ways in which our economic systems and institutions have developed since the era of hunter-gatherer man.
 biology evolution economy
Life on Earth may have driven the evolution of the planet itself. The idea is that ancient microbes provided the chemical energy to create the Earth's continents - a nod to the Gaia hypothesis, in which life helps create the conditions it needs to survive. The theory would solve the puzzle of why the Earth's continental crust appeared when it did, and explain the presence of granite, a substance not found anywhere else in our...


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The elusive erogenous zone said to exist in some women may be a myth, say researchers who have hunted for it.


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