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Foursquare and others utilise the GPS technology in a user's smartphone to pinpoint exactly where that person is. It alerts friends to their whereabouts and gives them valuable information about what is happening around them...


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Your online traces are helping fuel a revolution in the understanding of human behaviour – one that's revealing the mathematical laws of our lives. Every move you make, every twitter feed you update, somebody is watching you. You may not think twice about it, but if you use a social networking site, a cellphone or the internet regularly, you are leaving behind a clear digital trail that describes your behaviour, travel patterns, likes...


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Under the proposal, firms would have to design systems to intercept and unscramble encrypted messages. Services based overseas would have to route communications through a server on United States soil where they could be wiretapped.


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The Israeli army has come up with a novel way of exposing women who lie about their religious background in order to avoid military service. It is using the social networking site Facebook to check up on them. More than 1,000 women have been tracked down after they falsely claimed they were exempt from the draft because they were Orthodox Jews.


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The illegal use of Global Positioning System (GPS) jammers in the UK has been revealed in a groundbreaking study. GPS jammers are believed to be mostly used by people driving vehicles fitted with tracking devices in order to mask their whereabouts.


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The AA is set to launch a new insurance policy which uses sat-nav technology to track driver performance. The firm said the system would allow its better drivers to receive cheaper premiums.


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My prediction is that within a decade, if not before, there will be a public relations campaign, argued probably on the basis of assisting with health care -- "even if you are unconsciousness we will know what to do" -- to start implanting information/GPS chips in children at birth, and in older people when they experience any kind of medical crisis. Within a generation everyone will be chipped. It will probably also have a...


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Details of internet use in the UK will have to be stored for a year to allow police and intelligence services to access it.


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