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They may look slow and clumsy, but underwater cameras have revealed that grizzly bears can perform some fancy footwork when a meal is on the cards.


 grizzly bear salmon
A tribal man in India who rescued an abandoned bear cub to help his daughter overcome her mother's death has fallen foul of forestry officials. They confiscated the animal arguing that its capture was in contravention of wildlife laws.


 incredible friendship bear India
Black bears are often considered among the most dangerous animals in North America, depicted down the years as ferocious predators threatening to man. But, says one man, that perception could not be further from the truth. For 43 years, Professor Lynn Rogers has studied wild bears, walking and playing with them, gaining amazing insights into their behaviour. His studies reveal the bears as peaceful, playful creatures, which even hum when...


 bear USA North America
An American man has been killed by a grizzly bear while he and his wife were taking a hike in the famed Yellowstone National Park.


 bear grizzly hiking Yellowstone
A female grizzly bear has killed a man out on a hike with his wife in the US after the couple apparently surprised the bear and its cubs, officials say.


 grizzly bear USA hiking cub mother defense killing