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The teeming trillions of bacteria in the digestive tracts of mice have been shown to affect the animals' brain development and behaviour. Mice bred in sterile environments without these "gut flora" were seen to be more adventurous and less anxious than mice with normal gut flora. The research adds weight to the idea that gut bacteria are a critical part of the overall development of mammals...


 parasite symbiosis gut microorganism digestion health bacteria behaviour cohabitation
One of the mysteries about the outbreak of the particularly vicious strain of E. coli is that most of the victims have been women.


 gender ethnicity cucumber women Escherichia coli food poisoning bacteria
A study of hailstones has found large numbers of bacteria at their cores. The find lends credence to the "bio-precipitation" idea, which suggests that bacteria are actively involved in stimulating precipitation. The bacteria have protein coatings that cause water to freeze at relatively warm temperatures...


 water bacteria microorganism precipitation rain snow ice freeze climate biology weather
The discovery of a bacterium that could substitute arsenic for phosphorus to survive is refuted by new research. Six elements are considered essential for life - oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur - so the announcement in 2010 implied one of biology's golden rules had been broken. The findings provoked an immediate backlash and now two new scientific papers suggest the bacterium needs phosphorus to grow after...


 bacteria arsenic phosphorus