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Mahatma Gandhi's iconic spectacles, which he once said gave him "the vision to free India", are to be sold at an auction in New York.


 Mahatma Gandhi spectacles fetish auction
A copy of the first comic to feature caped hero Superman has been sold on the internet for $1m. The 1938 edition of Action Comics No 1 - which originally sold for 10c - was sold by a private seller to a private buyer, neither of whom was named.


 superman comics auction
The first person to be convicted of shill bidding in April. That's when online sellers bid on their own items to artificially bump up the price or get friends and family to do it for them.


 eBay auction shill bidding business
The coffin which used to contain the body of Lee Harvey Oswald is to be sold at auction in a few weeks. The man believed to have shot President John F Kennedy was interred in the pine coffin for almost 20 years.


 JFK assassination coffin auction
Google's bids for a pool of wireless patents were based on mathematical constants, say sources. The portfolio of 6,000 patents was auctioned to realise some value from the assets of bankrupt telecoms firm Nortel. During the sale, Google's bids were based on pi, other constants and the distance between the Earth and the Sun. Google lost the auction as a consortium including Apple and Microsoft made the winning bid of $4.5bn.


 Google Apple Microsoft auction patent mathematics constant