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A rare astronomical event has allowed scientists to show that Pluto's moon - known as Charon - has no atmosphere. This could dismiss claims Charon is a planet twinned with Pluto and provide further insight into their formation. Two groups of scientists made observations of the moon as it eclipsed a distant star in the July of 2005.


 Moon planet Pluto Charon atmosphere
Saturn's vast and majestic ring system has its own atmosphere - separate from that of the planet itself, according to data from the Cassini spacecraft. And Saturn is rotating seven minutes more slowly than when probes measured its spin in the 70s and 80s - an observation experts cannot yet explain.


 atmosphere Cassini Saturn ring
The Huygens probe is on target and all set for its encounter with Titan, the mysterious large moon of Saturn. The 2.7m-wide robot lab has passed its final systems check-out and scientists have confirmed the rendezvous can go ahead on 14 January as planned. Huygens has spent the past seven years riding on the Cassini spacecraft, which arrived at the ringed planet in July. The probe's ejection and plunge into Titan's thick...


 Moon atmosphere Titan Saturn Huygens land
Hopes of finding hydrocarbon oceans on Saturn's smoggy moon, Titan, appear to be dashed, scientists report in Nature. The moon's atmosphere is thick with methane and ethane, prompting speculation that lakes or oceans of these chemicals may sit on the surface.


 Moon atmosphere Titan Saturn methane ethane Huygens
Space scientists say their discoveries about Saturn's moon Enceladus are stunning, if just a little baffling. Using the instrument-packed Cassini probe, they have confirmed that the 500km-wide world has an atmosphere. They have also seen a "hotspot" at the icy moon's south pole, which is riven with cracks dubbed "tiger stripes".


 water ice Moon atmosphere Cassini Saturn Enceladus mirror
We may take ours for granted, but atmospheres are responsible for creating some of the wonders of the Solar System.


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The eerie, "noctilucent clouds" clouds form at the edge of space, far higher in the atmosphere than more familiar clouds.


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Rhea, the second biggest moon of Saturn, has an atmosphere of oxygen and carbon dioxide.


 Saturn Moon Rhea atmosphere
University of Sheffield PhD students Alex Baker and Chris Rose used a helium-filled balloon to send a foam box containing two small video cameras and a GPS tracker into the atmosphere. Because of the very cold temperatures at high altitudes, they insulated the box with duct tape and included a small heat pad to keep the cameras warm. The balloon is thought to have reached an altitude of 37km before popping, allowing a parachute inside to...


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