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It might not look like much, but this image represents one of the most distant objects astronomers have ever seen, 12.9 billion light years away. It is a "Lyman-alpha blob" and is 55,000 light years across - as large as present-day galaxies.


 cosmology galaxy astronomy astrophysics
Researchers at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) are getting set to create the Big Bang on a miniature scale.


 LHC physics astrophysics cosmology Big Bang
A controversial theory that challenges the existence of dark matter has been buoyed by studies of gas-rich galaxies.


 cosmology galaxy Milky Way rotation dark matter gravity astrophysics physics
A new computer model of the way heat is emitted by various parts of the Pioneer spacecraft, and reflected off others, finally solves one of the biggest mysteries in astrophysics.


 physics Pioneer spacecraft gravity heat space travel deceleration astrophysics graphics
A long-standing mystery about how dying stars spew out the material of future planets is now solved, scientists say.


 dust star matter planet astronomy astrophysics explosion solar wind recycling light