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Federation of European and International Associations Established in Belgium (FAIB) is a non-profit, non-political association that promotes and defends the interests and activities of its Members. It was established in 1949 at the initiative of leading personalities of the Union of International Associations (UIA), with the intention to draw attention of the authorities to the existence of international associations in Belgium, and to the...
 FAIB Union of International Associations UIA Belgium international association NGO
The human tendency to anthropomorphise means we miss out on animals' real feelings and needs, with the result that we often provide them with inappropriate housing and medical care. ... For example, most species only seem capable of thinking in the present, and cannot think about past or future events. Similarly, few animals appear to be self-aware, or aware that other creatures are sentient. ... As an example, he cites the scenario of a...


 animal anthropomorphise empathy laetus in praesens present association
The dreams might reflect the brain's attempt to find associations for the memories that could make them more useful in the future.


 memory brain learning dream sleep association search engine background
Looks like a stream of free associations turned into a little movie. Beautiful!
 word language meaning association metaphor poetry
We're not driven only by emotions, of course—we also reason, deliberate. But reasoning comes later, works slower—and even then, it doesn't take place in an emotional vacuum. Rather, our quick-fire emotions can set us on a course of thinking that's highly biased, especially on topics we care a great deal about. ... Given the power of our prior beliefs to skew how we respond to new information, one thing is becoming clear: If...


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