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Libraries exist to preserve society's cultural artifacts and to provide access to them. If libraries are to continue to foster education and scholarship in this era of digital technology, it's essential for them to extend those functions into the digital world. Many early movies were recycled to recover the silver in the film. The Library of Alexandria - an ancient center of learning containing a copy of every book in the world...
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The UK's online heritage could be lost forever if the government does not grant a "right to archive", a group of leading libraries has said.


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The British Library has announced a 10-year project to make 40m pages from its newspaper archive available online.


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Read the stories of early space exploration from the original NASA transcripts. Now open to the public in a searchable, linkable format.
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A massive excavation carved 700 feet into a solid granite mountain near Salt Lake City houses millions of feet of microfilm — all historical documents The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been keeping since 1938. The records are being digitized and published through FamilySearch, a genealogical resource provided free to the public. The Granite Mountain Records Vault is the official storage unit for 2.4 million rolls of...


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