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A common species of stinging ant has a simple way to handle food items that are too large for one ant to carry alone. It brings in a fellow worker to help. When worker Pachycondyla chinensis ants find very cumbersome snacks, they return to their nest and literally grab another ant in their jaws, carry it over and drop it next to the food.


 ant social work food foraging animal intelligence
Grass-cutting ants build gigantic nests - underground cities where up to seven million insects live and tend a fungal garden that feeds their young.


 ant nest city labyrinth ventilation air conditioning animal intelligence
Scientists have now discovered that the ants rely on "knowledgeable" colony members that have explored the local area to guide them to a suitable spot...


 guide ant animal intelligence nest migration
Foraging ants are the inspiration for a mathematical formula that helps companies deliver products more quickly.


 efficiency ant insect navigation pheromone complexity mathematics algorithm
Ant colonies - one of nature's most ancient and efficient societies - are able to form a "collective memory" of their enemies...


 ant scent smell colony society collective memory pheromone
It's time for flying ant day in large parts of the UK, when they embark on their annual mating ritual. So how do the ants know it's their one day a year to mate?...


 ant flying mating sex synchronous incredible insect