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An octopus and its coconut-carrying antics have surprised scientists. Underwater footage reveals that the creatures scoop up halved coconut shells before scampering away with them so they can later use them as shelters.


 octopus coconut animal intelligence
Two troops of baboons have been filmed going to war, with hundreds of monkeys entering into a pitched battle. The fight, filmed by the BBC Natural History Unit, appears to be triggered by male baboons attempting to steal females from the harems of rivals.


 baboon ape animal intelligence war harem female territory
For the first time, chimpanzees have been seen using tools to chop up and reduce food into smaller bite-sized portions.


 chimpanzee animal intelligence tools toread
If you thought animals and plants were not particularly smart, then it is time to think again.


 animal intelligence evolution
Male fish that nibble parasites off larger fish punish females of the species when they bite and drive off the bigger fish.
 parasite animal intelligence social fish toread
A tiny rodent may have the most sophisticated language of any animal. ... With a single bark, he says, a prairie dog may warn about the type and direction of an encroaching predator, and even describe its colour. If confirmed, that means the chattering rodents communicate in a more complex way than even monkeys or dolphins.


 bark animal intelligence communication language signal
Dogs "automatically imitate" the body movements of their owners, according to a study.


 animal intelligence imitation evolution social dog human
The dolphins have become shell-collectors, using their snouts to pick up and transport large conchs. The dolphins seek out the shells to hunt fish that are sheltering within.


 shell dolphin foraging animal intelligence evolution invention
Drongos in the Kalahari mimic the alarm calls of other species in order to steal food, scientists have found.


 meerkat bird animal intelligence toread