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The Bronze Age eruption of Thera near mainland Greece would have devastated ancient civilisations in the region. Ash would likely have plunged much of the Mediterranean into darkness, and tsunami would have wrecked local ports. A survey around what is now the island arc of Santorini shows volcanic pumice to a depth of 80m covering the ocean floor for 20-30km in all directions.


 ancient Greece volcano Thera
A series of hidden texts written by the ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes are being revealed. Until now, the pages have remained obscured by paintings and texts laid down on top of the original writings. Using a non-destructive technique known as X-ray fluorescence, the researchers are able to peer through these later additions to read the underlying text. The goatskin parchment records key details of Archimedes' work, considered...


 mathematics writing script ancient Greece Archimedes
A team of Italian archaeologists working in Cyprus believes it has discovered the site of an ancient perfume factory from the Bronze Age.


 ancient Greece Cyprus perfume
Archaeologists have embarked on an epic search for an ancient fleet of Persian ships that was destroyed in a violent storm off Greece in 492 BC.


 ancient Greece Persia shipwreck
The astronomers, physicists and mathematicians of ancient Greece were true innovators. But one thing it seems the ancient Greeks did not invent was the counting system on which many of their greatest thinkers based their pioneering calculations. New research suggests the Greeks borrowed their system known as alphabetic numerals from the Egyptians, and did not develop it themselves as was long believed.


 ancient Egypt ancient Greece number writing
Oxford University is asking for help deciphering ancient Greek texts written on fragments of papyrus found in Egypt. Hundreds of thousands of images have gone on display on a website which encourages armchair archaeologists to help catalogue and translate them. Researchers hope the collective effort will give them a unique insight into life in Egypt nearly 2,000 years ago.


 archaeology crowdsourcing ancient Egypt ancient Greece text OCR papyrus reading decipher
German geologists believe a tsunami recorded by the ancient historian Herodotus did indeed protect a Greek village from Persian invaders. They say they have found evidence in northern Greece that the event in 479 BC saved the village of Potidaea. Herodotus recorded that huge waves had killed hundreds of Persian soldiers during the siege of the village.


 Herodotus ancient Greece Persia tsunami history siege