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Two planes belonging to Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels have attacked the capital Colombo, killing two people and injuring about 45, officials say. Both planes were downed, one of them hitting inland revenue offices, where the casualties occurred, officials said. The building was badly damaged. The other plane was shot down near the city's airport, which was closed.


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The solution to the world's worsening water shortages by drawing the liquid of life from an unlimited and untapped source - the air. ... Their creation, the WaterMill, uses the electricity of about three light bulbs to condense moisture from the air and purify it into clean drinking water.


 water air
A Utah company plans to dig a series of underground caverns that it hopes to one day fill with compressed air, releasing it to generate electricity by turning a turbine and solving one of the most vexing problems facing the clean-energy industry -- how to store power. Under a barren patch of Utah desert, a private-equity group is bankrolling the project to hollow out a series of energy-storage vaults from a massive salt deposit a mile...


 energy storage pressure air underground battery Utah shows live aircraft traffic in the airspace above Europe.
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Just as air causes lift on the wings of an aeroplane, light can do the same trick, researchers have said. The effect, first shown in simulations, was proven by showing it in action on tiny glass rods.


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