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The keepers of Henry, a tuatara, had thought he was past his prime - especially after showing no interest in females during 40 years in captivity. But he mated with 80-year-old Mildred last July and 11 of the eggs she produced have now hatched.
 reptile New Zealand age mating sex
The effect of "beer goggles" should not be used as an excuse for men getting a woman's age wrong, a study suggests.


 beer goggles age age of consent sex alcohol beer
Maminka je dnes o 21 let starší než její dítě. Za 6 let bude dítě 5x mladší než maminka. Otázka zní: kde je dnes tatínek? A ta otázka opravdu není neřešitelná ...
 mathematics sex age
It's perhaps the most controversial religious artefact in the world. The Shroud of Turin cloth that supposedly wrapped Jesus's body after the crucifixion and became imprinted with his image, has intrigued millions of believers and sceptics alike.


 blood fake crucifixion carbon dating age proof religion Jesus Christ Shroud of Turin
Scientists have developed a technique to estimate the age of a suspect from blood left at a crime scene.


 test age blood forensic
Older female butterflies spend up to 55% of their day flying in order to catch the attention of a mate, scientists have found.


 age butterfly mating
The death of singer Amy Winehouse, after her long battle with drink and drugs, means the Londoner joins a significant number of troubled musicians to die at the age of 27.


 Amy Winehouse 27 age youth music artist
The brains of our closest relatives, unlike our own, do not shrink with age. The findings suggest that humans are more vulnerable than chimpanzees to age-related diseases because we live relatively longer.


 brain human ape chimpanzee age longevity health dementia Alzheimer's
Middle age can be a testing time. Mounting responsibilities, falling energy levels and the knowledge that youth is fast receding and old age is the next stage are the classic ingredients for a mid-life crisis.


 age ageing psychology
They say the lengths of tiny pieces of DNA called telomeres indicate whether a young creature is likely to live long into old age. ... Everything that is made up of living cells contains chromosomes: the genetic code that makes us what we are. At the ends of each chromosome lie the telomeres. They have been likened to the caps on the ends of shoelaces - they stop things from unravelling. Over time they wear down - and when they do, the DNA...


 telomere longevity health chromosome age
A 93-year-old Florida grandmother has parked her car for good after driving 927,000 km over 48 years at the wheel of one trusty vehicle.


 car automobile age blind veteran