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Imagine getting £35 for doing absolutely nothing. Well in New York, a man is giving away stacks of cash to anyone who's prepared to stand in line for it. ... The minimum anyone can get is $50. The maximum is $5,000. ... No matter who you are or what you do Bailout Bill guarantees that you'll get something if you just show up and tell your story.
 bailout Bailout Bill free money advertisement
A Christian bus driver has refused to drive a bus with an atheist slogan proclaiming "There's probably no God".


 advertisement religion UK bus God atheism
Iggy Pop's endorsement of car insurance has prompted accusations of selling out. But does anyone really care any more?


 advertisement star selling out independence singer actor
A row has broken out in the Italian city of Venice over a new 2.1m-euro sponsorship deal between the authorities and Coca Cola.


 advertisement Venice Coca Cola sponsorship
The experiment showed how expectation can affect the actual encoding of the pleasantness of the experience. ... This response (is) common with certain prestige products such as clothing, cars and, nowadays, handbags.


 psychology alcohol opinion bias unconscious price manipulation advertisement wine
Joshua Bell is one of the world's greatest violinists. His instrument of choice is a multimillion-dollar Stradivarius. If he played it for spare change, incognito, outside a bustling Metro stop in Washington, would anyone notice? ... This one I loved and talked about it with many friends. It resonates with one of my older ideas - that what is cheered by people is not necessarily the admirable. So many things need also be considered, such...


 culture taste recognition psychology advertisement marketing art music violin busking philosophy superficial
Police in the US city of Boston are investigating a major American media corporation for causing a security alert that closed bridges and roads.


 hoax advertisement terrorism
A luckless Indian romeo is suing Lynx after he failed to land a single girlfriend during seven years of using their products. Vaibhav Bedi, 26, is seeking £26,000 from parent company Unilever for the "depression and psychological damage" caused by the lack of any Lynx effect.


 advertisement India love attraction
The Advertising Standards Authority has banned the advert, which shows a young man wrapped in a carpet filled with oranges rolling down a hill and hitting a tree, after complaints. It feared children could copy the commercial and harm themselves.


 stupidity advertisement incredible orange