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The rate of illegitimate births in the British population is much lower than many people believe, a study says. It suggests an oft-quoted figure of one in 10 for the number of children fathered illegitimately is a myth. The real number is more likely to be less than one in 25, researchers say.


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Male adoptees are using consumer DNA tests to predict the surnames carried by their biological fathers. They are using the fact that men who share a surname sometimes have genetic likenesses too.


 family DNA adoption family tree surname genalogy
Haitian police have arrested 10 US nationals on suspicion of trying to illegally take 33 children abroad.


 Haiti orphan child trafficking religion war profiteering adoption abduction
The failed attempt by the New Life Children's Refuge to take 33 Haitian children into the Dominican Republic has shed light on the activities of groups that disregard the rules of international adoption.


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