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A new report says treaties aimed at reducing CO2 emissions are useless. The Institution of Mechanical Engineers report says we have to accept the world could change dramatically. It also says we should start planning our major infrastructure now to accommodate more extreme weather events and sea level rises. While not against attempts to reduce emissions, the report's authors say we should be realistic about what can be achieved with...


 climate change CO2 carbon emissions Kyoto Protocol realistic adaptation
Genetically identical forest trees raised in different environments react differently when exposed to drought conditions


 genetics tree plant communication learning adaptation evolution nature botany memory
Since the dawn of time, nature has been working hard, engineering everyone and everything to the highest standards on Earth.


 efficiency biomimicry nature business technology invention adaptation evolution photosynthesis energy
A Great Barrier Reef pearlfish has been filmed by the BBC living inside a sea cucumber's bottom. But it is not the only fish with a somewhat unusual home.


 fish ocean water evolution nature adaptation
US researchers say that mice may have the ability to learn songs based on the sounds they hear. They found that when male mice were housed together they learned to match the pitch of their songs to each other.


 social mouse sound communication adaptation music song