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Three people have been killed and six injured trying to defuse a World War II bomb in central Germany.


 World War II bomb Germany
He was known as "The Elephant Man" in the newspapers of the time - but only now has the full story of one of World War II's most remarkable rescues come to light.


 elephant river World War II Burma India refugee video history Japan
They were called the Millionaires' Squadron, a dashing young group of well-heeled sportsmen and adventurers with a passion for danger and high jinks. But they were also a very effective fighting unit, placed in the front line of defence against German invasion in the Battle of Britain.


 war wealth adventure World War II
The grave holding the remains of Adolf Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess has been destroyed to stop it being used as a pilgrimage site by neo-Nazis. ... The remains were later cremated and are to be scattered at sea.


 Nazi Rudolf Hess grave exhumation World War II