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Chanting “Shame on Seattle” and “Tear it Down,” a crowd of Trump supporters surrounded the Lenin statue in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood Wednesday afternoon. Some Fremont residents countered their arguments.


 Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Lenin Fremont statue symbol
Ukraine's parliament has banned communist symbols, but what does this mean for a country where every other town has a street named after Lenin? Lenin Avenue runs like a spine through Zaporizhya, a major city in Ukraine's industrial heartland.
 20150414 Lenin statue Ukraine Vladimir Ilyich Lenin symbol
Russia's government has announced it will spend up to 13m roubles ($200,000; £140,000) this year on preserving Vladimir Lenin's embalmed body.
 Vladimir Ilyich Lenin embalming corpse Lenin
The giant head of a statue of Russian revolutionary Lenin has been unearthed, 24 years after it was buried in a German forest. Workers dug up the granite structure from woodland outside Berlin, following a campaign by historians.
 Vladimir Ilyich Lenin statue
On a crisp autumn day in 1915, 38 ornithologists gathered in the tiny Swiss village of Zimmerwald. Only, they were not actually bird watchers - that was just a cover. These were socialists from all over Europe, meeting to discuss ways to bring peace to a continent ravaged by World War One.
 Vladimir Ilyich Lenin revolution World War I
Once again, Vladimir Lenin is being resurrected. In Germany, workers Thursday dug up a sculpted 8,600-pound head of the Soviet Union’s first leader to be displayed as part of an exhibition.
 Vladimir Ilyich Lenin statue Fremont Lewis Evan Carpenter Berlin
Nearly a century ago, Britain was accused of masterminding a failed plot to kill Lenin and overthrow his fledgling Bolshevik regime. The British government dismissed the story as mere Soviet propaganda - but new evidence suggests it might be true.


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