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The Lord's Resistance Army, once a Ugandan group, has driven tens of thousands from their homes in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan since it launched a campaign of terror at Christmas.


 guerilla refugee Uganda Sudan
Evidence of the massacre of at least 321 people in Democratic Republic of Congo has been uncovered by the BBC.


 massacre Christianity Congo terrorism Uganda
Four East African states have signed an agreement to seek more water from the River Nile - a move strongly opposed by Egypt and Sudan. Under colonial-era accords, the two countries get 90% of the river's water.


 water conflict Egypt Nile shortage Sudan Uganda Rwanda Tanzania Ethiopia
The population of endangered mountain gorillas has increased significantly in the last 30 years, say researchers.


 gorilla extinction Congo Rwanda Uganda
Despite background the 15-year-old girl is already country's number two player and has competed at World Chess Olympiad.


 slum chess girl child intelligence poverty Uganda
It would be easy to laugh at Chris Nsamba, founder of the African Space Research Programme. For a start, his research centre is based in his back garden where there's not much evidence of the type of sophisticated tools and machinery I'd imagine you need for this kind of work. When I was there, most of the engineers were equipped with just sandpaper and paint brushes. They haven't even started work on the shuttle yet, at the...


 Uganda Africa space travel space shuttle orbit airplane amateur
Kony 2012 is a corporate-style PR and psy-ops campaign, a cynical hoax engineered to justify US and Western military intervention to control the incredibly lucrative oil, mineral, water and strategic resources of the heart of Africa. The kind of social media activism the video promotes is calculated to make Americans feel good about themselves for "spreading awareness" of child soldiering when they're really spreading racist...


 Kony hoax psyops USA military invasion business manipulation video campaign Uganda Africa development