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Tony Blair led Britain to war against Iraq despite intelligence chiefs' warnings it could increase the risk of terrorists getting weapons of mass destruction, it has emerged.


 Tony Blair UK invasion USA Iraq WMD War On Terror
Tony Blair struck a defiant note in a six hour grilling by the Iraq inquiry insisting it was right to remove Saddam Hussein and said he would do it again. He rejected claims he manipulated intelligence to justify the invasion. And he denied making a "covert" deal with George Bush to invade Iraq in April 2002 a year before the war began. The former prime minister said he had been open about what had been discussed the US president...


 Tony Blair evasion War On Terror Iraq George W. Bush USA UK invasion illegal
The leader of Plaid Cymru's MPs has said he has a memo showing Tony Blair and George Bush struck a secret deal to invade Iraq a year before the 2003 war.


 Tony Blair George W. Bush War On Terror Iraq invasion illegal