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French Intellectuals to be Deployed in Afghanistan to Convince Taliban of Non-Existence of God. The clean-up portion of the ground war in Afghanistan heated up yesterday when the Allies revealed plans to airdrop a platoon of crack French existentialist philosophers into the country to destroy the morale of the remaining Taliban zealots by proving the non-existence of God. Elements from the feared Jean-Paul Sartre Brigade, or 'Black...
 France intellectual God philosophy existentialism Taliban Afghanistan Jean-Paul Sartre war weapon
Relatives of victims of the 11 September attacks have filed a trillion-dollar lawsuit against various parties, accusing them of financing Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda terror network and Afghanistan's former Taleban regime.


 USA War On Terror Osama bin Laden lawsuit 9/11 al-Qaeda Afghanistan Taliban
Thirty US troops, said to be mostly special forces, have been killed, reportedly when a Taliban rocket downed their helicopter in east Afghanistan. Seven Afghan commandos and a civilian interpreter were also on the Chinook, officials say. US sources say the special forces were from the Navy Seal unit which killed Osama Bin Laden, but are "unlikely" to be the same personnel. This is the largest single US loss of life in the Afghan...


 Osama bin Laden Afghanistan invasion Taliban War On Terror helicopter
The US military is trying to confirm whether insurgent fire brought down a helicopter in Afghanistan with the loss of 38 people, most of them Americans. The dead included Navy Seals, Afghan commandos, US Air Force personnel, a dog handler, the Chinook crew and a civilian interpreter. The 30 US deaths are the largest single American loss of life in the conflict.


 Osama bin Laden Afghanistan invasion Taliban War On Terror helicopter
The Ministry of Defence is investigating claims that a soldier sliced fingers off dead Taliban fighters to keep as souvenirs.


 War On Terror Taliban Afghanistan finger souvenir trophy
Gunmen have stormed the British Council office in the Afghan capital, Kabul, killing at least nine people and taking over the compound for hours.


 Kabul attack Taliban suicide UK
Afghan and international security forces are battling an ongoing multi-pronged attack by insurgents targeting the US embassy, Nato headquarters and police buildings in Kabul.


 Afghanistan Taliban attack Kabul invader