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The US and the Taliban have signed an agreement aimed at paving the way towards peace in Afghanistan after more than 18 years of conflict. The US and its Nato allies have agreed to withdraw all their troops from the country within 14 months if the militants uphold the deal.
 Afghanistan peace Taliban USA
Pakistan and Afghanistan have agreed to make contact with militant groups - including the Taleban - to try to end the violence in their border region.


 Afghanistan Taliban
Twenty years ago this week, Soviet troops pulled out of Afghanistan, after nine years of occupation. Lyse Doucet was our correspondent in Kabul then and she's back in the Afghan capital now.


 USA Afghanistan Russia USSR Kabul Taliban mujahideen
Pakistan has signed a peace deal with a Taleban group that will lead to the enforcement of the Islamic Sharia law in the restive Swat valley. Regional officials urged the Taleban, who agreed a 10-day truce on Sunday, to lay down their arms permanently. Once one of Pakistan's most popular holiday destinations, the Swat valley is now mostly under Taleban control.


 Taliban Pakistan Sharia Law Swat truce
President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan has offered to provide security for the Taleban's reclusive leader, Mullah Omar, if he agrees to peace talks. Mr Karzai made the offer despite the multi-million dollar bounty offered for the militant leader's capture by the United States. He said that if the US and other Western countries disagreed, they could either leave the country or remove him.


 Afghanistan Taliban
At least 43 people have died in missile strikes by a US drone aircraft in a militant stronghold of Pakistan.


 USA drone Taliban Pakistan murder robot
U.S. energy giants Chevron and Unocal negotiated gas and oil pipeline deals with Afghanistan’s Taliban. In 2001, Washington gave $40 million in aid to Taliban --until four months before 9/11. The U.S. only turned against Taliban when it gave a major pipeline deal to an Argentine consortium rather than an American one. The Taliban leadership had nothing to do with 9/11, a plot that, according to European prosecutors, was hatched in Germany...


 Afghanistan invasion pipeline oil Taliban USA
Six foreign UN employees have been killed and nine wounded in an attack in Kabul, the deadliest on the UN in Afghanistan since the Taliban's fall.


 Kabul guesthouse United Nations Taliban Afghanistan
Taliban gunmen and suicide bombers have attacked buildings in the heart of the Afghan capital, Kabul, setting off explosions and sparking gun battles.


 Kabul Afghanistan Taliban
It would be more sensible for Western governments to help buy the poppy crop. This would solve two problems in one blow. First, it would help deal with the world-wide shortage of medical opiates which, according to the World Health Organization, are causing a “global pain crisis.” In Africa hundreds of thousands of people are dying in agony for lack of pain relief. Second, it would prevent the opium farmers of Afghanistan being driven into...


 opium drug Afghanistan legal medicine war Taliban
Nato's top commander in Afghanistan has said increased troop levels could bring a negotiated peace with the Taliban. US Gen Stanley McChrystal told the UK's Financial Times newspaper that there had been "enough fighting". He said a political solution in all conflicts was "inevitable". His remarks came as the top UN envoy in Kabul said it was time to talk to the militants.


 Taliban NATO Afghanistan invasion peace war
Investigators say the US military has been giving tens of millions of dollars to Afghan security firms who are channelling the money to warlords. Trucks carrying supplies to US troops allegedly pay the firms to ensure their safe passage in dangerous areas of Afghanistan. The convoys are attacked if payments are not made, according to allegations in a US military document.


 Afghanistan enemy racket security warlord military Taliban USA invasion politics war profiteering Catch 22
The deaths earlier this month of eight foreign aid workers and two Afghans in the north-eastern Afghan province of Badakhshan show new levels of cruelty and disregard for human life.


 humanitarian aid Afghanistan murder Taliban religion
Heavy US reliance on private security in Afghanistan has helped to line the pockets of the Taliban, a US Senate report says. The study by the Senate Armed Services Committee says this is because contractors often fail to vet local recruits and end up hiring warlords.


 private security army Afghanistan Taliban bribe USA occupation
President Hamid Karzai's chief of staff has said British authorities brought a fake Taliban commander into sensitive meetings with the Afghan government.


 Afghanistan impersonation invasion UK Taliban incredible betrayal
Suicide attacks have targeted Afghan military bases in two cities, leaving 13 members of the security forces dead, along with at least five assailants.


 Afghanistan suicide attack invasion USA Taliban insurgency